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About CRB

It was an idea ... away from the desire to help one near you ...

CRB Dr. Birsasteanu

In the fall of 2007 he began work in the center of Aries Street, Nr. 3 a new center of Radiology and Imaging, founded in the desire of our colleague Dr. Florin Bîrsăşteanu.
Wanted to be a special center in the world of radiology, and the thing that managed to do by introducing standard digitized radiology radiology ie without video ... that video we all know but became old to a world expanding medical knowledge across multiple borders.

It was and is the first radiology center that is able to transmit a classical radiograph to another colleague for a further opinion ... is what leads to more accurate diagnosis. In the summer of 2008 Dr Birsăşteanu MRI Center acquired first dedicated magnetic resonance device for extremity exams, knee, ankle, elbow, while being the first open MRI machine type in Timisoara.

In tandem with magnetic resonance apparatus MRI Center purchased a device that benefits from an ultrasound of the best purchases musculoskeletal pathology, Echography with magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis putînd generate a very fair in this area, the first beneficiaries being Timisoara athletes of various clubs with which our center has signed cooperation.

Was or not the expectations of our patients ... so you can say nearly 9,000 patients who had crossed the threshold of our office. Listen Read phonetically